Majority see hair there as the pits

from the Courier Mail, Wednesday 9 August 2000, p13

Women who do not shave their armpits are viewed as aggressive and anti-social – but more intelligent than those women who shave their underarms.

Hairy women are also perceived to be less attractive and less moral, according to US psychologist Dr Susan Basow.

Dr Basow told the American Psychological Association conference in Washington that film star Julia Roberts failed to spark a fashion trend when she revealed her hairy pits.

An unshaven Roberts was snapped by photographers while waving to fans at the premiere of Notting Hill.

“Julia Roberts is a beautiful woman, but her decision to grow her under-arm hair has not encouraged other women to follow suit,” she said.

“It is still seen as unhygienic and disgusting by most men and women.”

Dr Basow’s research showed that hairy women were seen as more intelligent and liberated.

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