Ugly Duckling 3 cover

December 15, 2002

Ugly Duckling 3
Are we equal yet?
December 2002.
Back cover of Ugly Duckling 3. The PO address is no longer valid!

Extract from Everything a Teenage Girl Should Know

December 10, 2002

Extract from Everything a Teenage Girl Should Know by Dr John F Knight, Signs Publishing Company: Warburton, Victoria.


Can we leave this topic and get on to the other aspect of “artificial sex”? I refer to the topics of homosexuality and Lesbianism. These may not be the most attractive subjects to discuss either, but I feel it’s essential for our readers to have a t least a passing knowledge of them, for both are rampant in the world today.

I agree it’s better to be armed with some knowledge about topics such as these. Sooner or later most of our readers will come across these facets of life in one form or another.

Tell us more about Lesbianism.

This takes place when two females are sexually attracted to one another. It may occur in a variety of age brackets, and often marital state is not necessarily a bar. Some females simply do not enjoy male company. They find members of their own sex far more pleasant to deal with, and they enjoy an erotic relationship with them.

A couple may carry on a clandestine relationship just as illicit sexual relationships occur between unmarried boy-girl friendships. Frequently, especially in younger women, the precipitation trigger mechanism may have been an unsatisfactory affair with a male. The girl may have become jilted, or “used,” or may have met with some other unfortunate incidents that turned her off the male sex very strongly. Often at this point, probably a sympathetic, understanding female associate befriended her, and so a different, unwholesome homosexual relationship gradually evolved.
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