Extract from Everything a Teenage Girl Should Know

Extract from Everything a Teenage Girl Should Know by Dr John F Knight, Signs Publishing Company: Warburton, Victoria.


Can we leave this topic and get on to the other aspect of “artificial sex”? I refer to the topics of homosexuality and Lesbianism. These may not be the most attractive subjects to discuss either, but I feel it’s essential for our readers to have a t least a passing knowledge of them, for both are rampant in the world today.

I agree it’s better to be armed with some knowledge about topics such as these. Sooner or later most of our readers will come across these facets of life in one form or another.

Tell us more about Lesbianism.

This takes place when two females are sexually attracted to one another. It may occur in a variety of age brackets, and often marital state is not necessarily a bar. Some females simply do not enjoy male company. They find members of their own sex far more pleasant to deal with, and they enjoy an erotic relationship with them.

A couple may carry on a clandestine relationship just as illicit sexual relationships occur between unmarried boy-girl friendships. Frequently, especially in younger women, the precipitation trigger mechanism may have been an unsatisfactory affair with a male. The girl may have become jilted, or “used,” or may have met with some other unfortunate incidents that turned her off the male sex very strongly. Often at this point, probably a sympathetic, understanding female associate befriended her, and so a different, unwholesome homosexual relationship gradually evolved.

In older women, marriage and reproduction may have taken place. She may finally have found sex in the normal sense unpleasant, “vulgar,” “painful,” or any of the other multitude of ways such people describe their way of living at the time. Bit by bit she finds herself attracted to another female who is usually able to administer affection, display feeling, kindness, tenderness and symathy. So another abnormal relationship begins and flourishes.

Of course, what many people cannot understand is how two women could possibly engage in “sex” as we understand it.

The answer is, they cannot. Their actions are usually confined to the physical stimulation of each other’s external genital organs.

Of course there are all manner of side issues connected with this. In some instances, there is a dominant personality. This partner tends to assume the “male” role in the relationship, and the lesser person the female role.

Some couples go to extreme lengths in their attachments. At times they will permanently live together. The dominant one will be the bread-winner, and go out to work regularly, whilst the partner remains at home and carries out the usual domestic chores.

Male Homosexuality

What is the situation about male homosexuality?

Basically, this is very similar. It involves males that find other males more attractive sexually than females.

Of course, having a more varied anatomy, the schemes they can conjure up are more devious than those of their female counterpart. These vary all the way from mutual forms of simulated intercourse which to normal people are abhorrent and repulsive.

The ultimate objective, irrespective of the method employed, is to reach an orgasmic climax. This is the highlight of the exercise.

How is homosexuality regarded in the community?

The practice is illegal. However, in Great Britain it has been legalized between consenting adult male partners. Some believe that it will similarly be endorsed here, for it is usually only a matter of time before the Commonwealth follows in the footsteps of the “motherland” (although many believe this tendency is becoming less and less).

Most people are heterosexually inclined. Therefore, they regard homosexual activities with a very definite contempt. Moreover the number of factors militating against the practice are enough to turn aspirants and condoners against it with abhorrence.

What are some of these?

Perhaps the most outstanding aspect is that it’s entirely “immoral” in a so-called Christian society. The Holy Scriptures frequently speak out in crystal-clear tones against the practice. Indeed, at least one city was destroyed because its inhabitants practiced the vile habit. God rained down brimstone and fire on the city of Sodom in an effort to cleanse the world from its foulness and wickedness. The word sodomy remains in our current vocabulary to this day as a memorial to their “wickedness and sinful ways.”

Many Bible students also believe this was one reason why God poured down the great Flood. It was an effort to re-create the world, a better, purer place for many to live in. The degree of willful sin occurring in the days just prior to Noah’s great triumph was of the most degrading nature.

But these are really moral issues. Although I go along with them entirely, do you have supportive evidence that homosexuality as such is an adverse practice in the community?

Certainly. It is very well documented that venereal disease is rampant among people practicing it. Indeed, in our last chapter we quoted expert reference to the fact that homosexuals are an important reason for the sudden upsurge of VD in the post-war era. In fact, some of the other more serious (but less frequent) forms of VD are readily transmitted by this class of person, the experts tell us.

Do you feel that we tend to criticise this type of person a bit unjustly? After all, we probably consider we are “normal” and they are “abnormal”, when they probably believe the reverse.

This could be so. As it happens, an increasing number of doctors, psychiatrists and social workers believe homosexuals are in need of specialized treatment. They believe they suffer from some inherent defect, and instead of throwing them into gaol for illegal acts, they believe that these unfortunates should receive remedial treatment just as mental defects are treated these days. After all, it is not so very long ago that anyone with a psychiatric illness was considered “mad” and promptly shut up in a “lunatic asylum” and given scant attention. These days he is admitted to a “psychiatric centre” for proper assessment, tests and therapy. The times have changed. Maybe this is how we as a nation should be attending to the homosexual misfit in the community.

It is probably that times will change. But it doesn’t alter the fact that God specifically states His objection to these people as a type.

The sooner widespread efforts are made to help them adjust back to normality the better. In this way mankind will be doing a service to his fellow man. Simultaneously he will be bringing those that have fallen by the wayside to a better understanding of what true, normal living entails. What better and more satisfying work could there be for some types of social worker? We hope to see it occur in the not-too-distant future.


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