Ugly Duckling 7 cover

December 30, 2003


Intro to Ugly Duckling 7

December 29, 2003

Issues 6 and 7 of Ugly Duckling were put together over an interesting period of my life.
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The Problem with Depression

December 28, 2003

From Ugly Duckling #7 and Another Dental Visit #1.
Black and white version of a colour poster I had done earlier.

Me, my zines and why*

December 27, 2003

Six years ago at a feminist student conference (the Network of Women Students in Australia, NOWSA, held at QUT, Brisbane in 1997) I came across a little photocopied booklet called Feel the Word. It was by a woman from South Australia and it included her descriptions and opinions of feminism, activism, the world and her life. On the cover were hand drawings of a punk-looking young woman with a NOWSA shirt and Lisa Simpson holding a grenade. The price was “$1 or trade”. Inside it said: “I am a writer with a need to express myself. I love zines because they are inexpensive and wonderful. I love to share”. Further down the page it said “WHY DO THIS? Why not? Like I said, I love to share. Welcome to Feel the Word. And please, feel free to write to me.”

This was my introduction to the world of zines. Since then I have acquired over one hundred zines, I have produced nine of my own, I have met many people involved with making zines, distributing zines, studying zines and the “zine scene” (if such a thing exists), I’ve spoken on panels at arts festivals about zines and I’ve even done a university cultural studies essay on zines. But why do I do it? And do I achieve anything?
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A message from the Prime Minister (of Australia)

December 20, 2003

Collage from Ugly Duckling 7 (also used in an International Women’s Day 2004 zine)

A Message From Hollywood (from zine)

December 15, 2003

Black and white version of an earlier poster I did.
Ugly Duckling Issue 7.

Nothing's more important than your everyday life

December 1, 2003


Nothing’s more important than your everyday life

December 1, 2003