Intro to Ugly Duckling 7

Issues 6 and 7 of Ugly Duckling were put together over an interesting period of my life.

I finished uni, I had a couple of quick love affairs that made me learn a lot about myself, I’ve been applying for full-time jobs but I don’t actually want one and I’ve been going to festivals and been really inspired! Issue 6 was put together for This Is Not Art in Newcastle, which was cool, but I felt an incredible shyness I get sometimes (often) where I just can’t talk to strangers (or people I barely know). But I spoke on a panel and I swapped my zines and enjoyed myself despite often feeling really alone and spending most of my time there with just one friend from Brisbane (I also found it amusing that most of the people I met were from Brisbane too).

Then I went to Ladyfest in Melbourne which was full of lots of inspiring, riot grrrrrrrrrlly goodness! I saw lots of great all-grrrl and nearly-all-grrrl bands. I spoke at a zine workshop there which was cool.

And now I’ve put issue 7 together for the Straight Out of Brisbane festival which should be heaps of fun. Lots of interesting, inspiring people getting together to talk about art and culture and what’s happening in and around Brisbane. Should be great. I’m speaking on a panel about zines – what am I going to say? What have I got to say? Hmmmmmm. I am launching this issues at the 6’s and 7’s Mega-Zine launch which I’m pretty excited about. I haven’t had a launch since Issue 1 and that was a kind of bizarre experience.

This issue sees me include lots of cool stuff from heaps of zines that have inspired me over the years. It has been SO hard cutting back what to put in – this issue could have been twice the size, or thrice the size! I’ve picked out some cool stuff from a bunch of different zines but so many zines have inspired me over the years – oh, how the memories came flooding back to me as I looked through my piles of zines. I’ve also reviewed a few books I’ve read recently – and as always there were going to be SO MANY more reviews but I ran out of time.

I hope someone out there reading this likes what I’ve got to say – feel free to drop me a line, send stickers/a letter/zine/patch/badge/whatever and I’ll send something back! Some people don’t like the political nature of zines but that’s what drew me to them in the first place. I hate the bland, boring, conservative notion of objectivity. I am not committed to objectivity because such a thing means a commitment to maintaining the status quo. I do not believe the world is perfect and I am not interested in leaving it the way it is. I want to question how the world works and produce and publish writing that reflects this. I live in a world which is sexist, classist, racist and homophobic. The culture surrounding me often tells me that I can achieve happiness through consumption and conformity. I do not want to reinforce the current ideological system in place. I would love to contribute to its downfall, but if I can’t do that, then questioning it and maybe changing it a little will be enough (for the moment).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my contribution to the excessive amounts of media around.


Ugly Duckling was put together with the help of coffee, tea, pistachio nuts and Cadbury Marble Breakaway, and while listening to the following great music: Peaches – Fatherfucker; Le Tigre – Le Tigre, From the Desk of Mr Lady, Feminist Sweepstakes and Remix; Belters – Sound Game Booth; Lolita Storm – Girls Fucking Shit Up; Melbourne Ladyfest Compilation CD; Bjork – Post and Homogenic; Missy Elliot – Under Construction; Sleater Kinney – The One Beat; Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever to Tell.

Stop thief/you can’t steal the way/I fucking felt when I got up today/Well I guess you’re the judge/I guess you’re the king/Of the forever beauty pageant I’m always in/My heart beats blue, beats red, beats mad/ Is this the only power that you really wanna have?/Count from one to nine/how high do I rate?/I guess feelin good was my first mistake.

From On Guard by Le Tigre

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