To Brighton for a lesbian wedding

Today I got the megabus to Brighton with Paul and am now sitting at Lucy’s house watching a television show about bores (tides that go up rivers!). Megabus tickets are really cheap if you book ahead so our return tickets, London to Brighton, for the two of us were £9.50! The bus does take two and a half hours when the train takes an hour but it’s so much cheaper.

When we got to Brighton, Paul and I met Lucy at the Cowley Club, an anarchist club where she volunteers regularly cooking vegan food that is sold to the public at lowcost. I also caught up with Kirk (who is also from Brisbane and lives in Brighton).

Lucy, Paul and I bought dinner from a Lebanese restaurant and ate it on the (pebbly) beach which was lovely till the wind got too cold so we headed home.

Tomorrow we are going to the wedding, well, civil union ceremony of two women I know through Lucy – Lauren, who is from Australia, and Ros who is English. Paul and I had been thinking of getting matching outfits for the wedding (to go with the whole couple theme of the day) but we couldn’t agree so we’re being boring: he’s wearing black pants, white shirt and tie and I’m wearing a dress (yes, it’s THE Dogstar dress, worn to my uni graduation, Nicky and Kini’s wedding, Lily’s christening, Joel and Chantelle’s wedding, so Mum – who paid for it – I’m more than getting your money’s worth).

We head back to London on Saturday morning (Lucy’s going to Romania to visit her Mum then too). On Sunday we’re planning to go to an Eco-day in Hackney where there are supposed to be 50 stalls of vintage and recycled clothes and other cool stuff. I think Justine – also from brisbane – may be coming too. We went to Justine’s for dinner last night which was really nice. We’re thinking of taking a room in her house (in Brixton) which would be cool but we don’t want to take a room until we get jobs. Also, I’d like to rent two rooms so we’d have a bedroom and a study/reading/studio/chilling room as well.

Yesterday Paul had a job interview but he’s not sure if he even wants the job. I need to really get down to finding a job.

Lucy needs to look for jobs on the internet so I’d better go.

If you want to see our holiday snaps, go to:



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