It’s hot in the city

Well it’s a Wednesday in Summer in London. This afternoon I had an interview at a temping agency so hopefully I’ll be working soon – I got sooo much debt to pay off. The interview only took about 5 minutes but the testing took over an hour! I really don’t know much about Powerpoint I learned. I’ve got another interview tomorrow morning with another temping agency so I’ll hopefully be working by next week. I really don’t want to work though, being on holidays is great.

This week I joined the Islington libraries. Gee I love libraries. So many free books. Hopefully it will stop me from buying them when I really can’t afford it. I borrowed a comic book of short stories by Daniel Clowes (of Ghost World fame). I quite like it so far even though most of the characters are really unlikeable. I didn’t like the book Ghost World because the main characters were just so nasty.

I have just looked up Chris Martin of the band Coldplay to see what he looks like because a number of people have said Paul (my partner) looks like him. There was a resemblance in some of the pictures. (see, and compare with and or

We’re in the middle of an English heatwave at the moment so it’s been in the thirties. I could probably cope with that but nowhere seems to be air conditioned in England (the internet cafe I’m in at the moment is but it’s run by immigrants who obviously are unaware that air conditioning is just not English!). Taking the bus at the moment is total torture because the windows don’t open and there is no air conditioning. But when you get off the bus it feels lovely and cool because you’ve just been sweating and cooking!

Well that’s enough of a whinge for one day.



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