DIY publishing

I should have my website back online soon ( I certainly hope so. It’s just taking a while to get it uploaded here at the internet cafe. It’s being hosted by halftheory which is owned by a friend of mine and he likes to help out artists. Hopefully the site will be online soon but I actually want to redesign it and change it anyway.

Yesterday I went to Publish and Be Damned which was an independent publishing fair. It was cool – a lot like the zine fair at This Is Not Art in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, but not as big and with more books and music. I only spent £10. I could have spent heaps more.

I have another interview with a temping agency on Wednesday but this agency just deals with charities and non-profits so I think I might like their jobs a bit more. I hope they have some work for me. I need to start earning some pounds! It seems to be way out in the middle of nowhere – I have to get the national rail cus the tube doesn’t go there! They said most of their jobs are in Central London.

Paul starts his job tomorrow and although it will be a shock for him getting up so early EVERY DAY I think he is looking forward to the job and the company. The job is way out on the west side of London so we’ll probably look at getting a place out that way. We got the tube out there on the weekend and got some buses around the place to see what is was like. It seemed ok.

We recently borrowed the whole first season of Lost from the library. We are nearly through it. I’m really enjoying it. Don’t watch it though if you don’t like flashbacks!

Anyway, better get back to checking on my uploading!

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