What a busy couple of weeks I’ve had. I have found a new house in Ealing which is on the Western side of London (public transport zone 3!) and will be sleeping there from tonight. It’s quite exciting to have our own room after two months. We’ll be living in a 3-bedroom flat with two other women in a rather large, lovely-looking old house (it has 6 flats altogether). There is a park, and lots of shops close by and hopefully I won’t feel too far away from things after living in Islington (which is inner North in London).

I spent a bit of time going around estate agents looking at flats because Paul and I were thinking of getting our own place – a one- or two-bedroom flat – but they charge so many exhorbitant, nonrefundable fees. They charge you money to “draw up” the lease. Now, surely they just have a form they can fill in! I think it’s a total rort! So after realising we really couldn’t afford to do that we decided to find a share house. It’s close to Paul’s work so let’s just hope that I get a job soon.

Last Friday, I had a job interview with an organisation that would have been really cool to work for. Unfortunately they gave the job to someone with more experience. I was one of only three people interviewed and they gave the recruitment agency good feedback about me.

A couple of weekends ago I went to Brighton for (Queer) Pride which was fun. There was a parade with lots of floats and heaps of people obviously had come to town for the weekend. I told Paul I wanted to go without him and he took it quite well. It was good to get away and meet some new people (since being here for two months, Paul and I have spent nearly all our time together).

Lately I’ve been having an Alan Moore bonanza reading three of his books/graphic novels/comics/whatever you want to call them. I am halfway through the Watchman which he did with Dave Gibbons and have really had to persevere with it. It is about retired superheroes (well, people who used to dress up in costumes and fight crime). I’m not sure if I’ll finish it because it just isn’t doing much for me. I have also read V for Vendetta which he did with David Lloyd and I really liked it but had already seen the film so new the general gist of what was happening. I think I’d recommend reading the book first (although I did really like the film. I saw it on the Imax screen in Brisbane and it looked hella cool). Now I’m currently reading From Hell which he did with Eddie Campbell and it’s about Jack the Ripper. It’s so great to be reading books set in London while I’m here (From Hell and V for Vendetta are both set in London) especially as I now actually know where all these streets and places are – well, most of them. I liked the film From Hell (Johnny Depp was in it) but was adamantly told by an Alan Moore fan that the films From Hell and V for Vendetta were shit compared to the books! I think I’m about a third of the way through From Hell and am enjoying its gritty, black-and-white depictions of Victorian London as it explores the theory that Jack the Ripper was actually the Royal family’s surgeon/doctor. It’s quite interesting.Will report more when I’ve finished it.




That’s about all for now. Have to go call an agency back and tell them I went them to put me forward for a job they’ve emailed me about and then I’m taking more stuff over to my new house! Yay!


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