Art, books, clothes and remixes

Yesterday I finally got along to the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) on the Mall. I went to see an exhibition called Surprise Surprise which featured a range of really well-known artists but with art by them that is different to what they are known for. Unfortunately they didn’t put any labels on the art so you wandered through wondering who did what. Being the kind of person I am, I wandered around with the accompanying catalogue open so I could see who did what. I must say that a lot of the art did nothing for me (but then I am pretty fussy about art anyway) but I did like the stuff by Kara Walker, Barbara Kruger (whose art was still text-based), Matthew Barney, Nan Goldin (it was still a photograph), Larry Clark, Damien Hirst, Cindy Sherman. I found it interesting how many of the artists I hadn’t heard of (well over half), as they were all apparently well-known, but I had still heard of quite a lot of them. I want to go check out a lot of them now to see what they are known for. I thought some of the art was pretty crap. E.g. Jake and Dinos Chapman might be famous for some scary sculptures of children with genitalia on their faces and sculptures that seem to have popped right out of Goya’s paintings but I wasn’t that impressed with the papier mache pig and penguin that I think they did when they were children! But maybe that’s just part of the fun.

On the weekend I bought a couple of shirts for work. One of them came with a belt. Now I’m not too keen on clothes that come with decorative belts at the best of times – especially when there are loops the belt has to go through (they are just so rarely in the right spot to fit my body) but the skinny little red belt on my new shirt with thin red and white stripes seems to fit ok around my waist and so I’m wearing this really trendy little shirt and feel kinda ok about it. Paul says it looks ‘hot’ but sometimes I think he’d say I look hot if I was wearing a sack. Bless him.

On Tuesday afternoon I bought a book by Aaron Cometbus who is a bit of a famous ziner from the USA. I have never seen or read his zine, Cometbus but I have read a lot about it. I was so thrilled to find some stuff by him in the graphic novel section (!!!) at Foyles in Tottenham Court Road. Unfortunately I didn’t realise that of the two books of his I was looking at, only one of them was extracts from his zine. I bought the cheaper one (£5 as opposed to £5.99), I Wish There Was Something I Could Quit, which is not from his zines. Oh well, I’m still really enjoying it!


I’ve really gotta get out of this habit of regular consuming. So much of it is to make me feel better and acquiring things is not the answer. The problem is, I don’t know what is the answer.

Yesterday I bought a CD, Remixes of Le Tigre’s ‘This Island’ Album. It’s cool and everything but I didn’t need it. I was on my lunch break and I also bought a heap of junk food, also part of the whole ‘to make me feel better’ theme. I often end up feeling guilty and worrying about putting on weight and being unhealthy, especially as I’m not doing enough exercise at the moment. I have started pricing gyms though! Some of my punk-music-lovin’-pals probably wouldn’t be that into the Le Tigre remixes, but I love my dancin’ techno and think the remixes are gRRReat.



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