Art and markets (and other stuff from the last week).

I have been researching drawing classes in London. They are not cheap but I really want to do them. I know I could just spend time at home on drawing but I don’t and going to a class would mean I had to do it every week. When I was at art school last year, I spent so much time being creative and making art – it was fantastic. I don’t want to get lost on the treadmill of full-time work where I’m too tired and busy to make time for art. When I first got to the UK I was doing quite a bit of embroidery and cross stitch but it has pretty-much stopped now. I am still going to at least one art exhibition a week. And I’m going to check out a stitch n bitch group in my local area on Sunday. I’m a bit worried about being too much of a beginner, but hopefully it will be fun. I also have no idea what the people there will be like. I hope they are my kind of people (i.e. not sexist, racist or homophobic; don’t make fun of people who read books, like art and don’t like sport, etc).

After work on Friday I went and checked out a comic book store in Camden called Mega City Comics. It was pretty cool. I could have spent a LOT of money there but I didn’t spend any. On Friday night Paul and I went to see some bands at the Dublin Castle with a friend from Brisbane, Renee. It was a bit too guitar-rock focussed for my liking but it was ok. And I forgot to bring earplugs, which sucked! My ears just can’t handle really loud music; it hurts plus I worry about the long-term effects on my hearing. Oh, and we ate dinner at a pub before hand and the meals – which weren’t that great – took over an hour to come out!

On Saturday we went to see an art exhibition on miniatures at the Jerwood Gallery. It was very cool. I especially liked the mobile with lots of hanging insects that also seemed to have little fairy skeletons/bodies hanging from it too. The fairy bodies were made from bits of insects and plant roots. It looked very cool as there were lots of scenes of a fairy vs different insects. (see

After that we went to the Borough markets. They were really packed. We had yummy falafel kebabs.

On Saturday night Paul and I went to Renee’s house – she and her partner do not have much space. We went to a Queer Borders fundraiser (the money raised was split between the London No Borders group and some people going to a Queer conference or something in Europe somewhere). We saw Tonia (another Brisbane person) which was cool. The music was good and the people quite interesting, not that I talked to anyone I didn’t already know. We couldn’t stay too long as we rushed off to get the last tube home (and only just got it). There was another woman there who I knew in Brisbane years ago but now lives in Melbourne. I didn’t want to talk to her though because I wouldn’t have had anything nice to say! From what I knew of her she was a bully and for someone who claimed to be a ‘feminist’ she certainly knew how to make women feel bad about themselves.

On Sunday we met up with Steve (my brother) and (his girlfriend) Sophie. We checked out some street markets not far from Liverpool Street Station (lots of cheap clothes which we got into (Paul bought some t-shirts, I bought a dress and some pashminas). Then we went to the Spitalfields markets which had a lot nicer clothes (but a lot more expensive) and some nice food.

During the week I joined the Ealing library and borrowed some books. I love libraries. I borrowed a book on the Bayeux tapestry which is very cool (see It goes through each bit of the tapestry and tells you the story it tells. The pictures are really great and are inspiring ideas of what I could embroider (gotta keep practising that drawing).

Yesterday I found out that an artist I really love (William Kentridge) has work at a gallery in Suffolk. I looked at maybe getting a train down there next weekend but trains are soooo expensive. You've really gotta book weeks in advance. As Paul and I are planning to go to Paris around my birthday (end of October) I think we should save our money for then).



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