Female objectivication in art and catching up with old friends.

I have just called Central St Martins College to confirm they received my course booking on Friday and they confirmed that I am booked onto the Foundation in Drawing course that starts in a couple of weeks! I'm so excited about it. I have wanted to work on my drawing for ages but I just don't put the time in, so I'm hoping that two and a half hours each week at a class will get me started doing it regularly! St Martin's College is quite well-known so I really hope the course is worth what I'm paying – it's costing me a FORTUNE. I looked up a number of courses and this one sounded the best.

On Friday I got out of the office for a 'car-free day' celebration. Handing out fliers to passers-by about the artworks that had been installed in several carparks near Faringdon station. We did get abused by one local who didn't like that the council (who we worked for) had employed so many foreigners (there was my Australian accent and two other women with New Zealand accents). I also got a free rosemary plant. After work I went and saw my brother for his birthday and then I met up with Paul and Scotty and we went out to dinner at an Indian place in Brick Lane. As we walked down the street we were hassled by men offering us discounts and a free round of drinks if we went to their restaurant. Scotty loved it but I hated it. It made me think that their prices must be inflated if they can offer discounts to all the passers-by. We had planned to go to the Whitechapel Gallery to see a whole bunch of women performers but we got there at 11 when it was finishing. Too bad.

On Saturday we went back to the Whitechapel gallery to see an exhibition by Hans Bellmer. I had learnt a little about him when studying Modernism last year so I was excited but the exhibition left me feeling very uneasy. Hans Bellmer's thing was dolls, making them, photographing them, drawing them, etc. There was even reference to his work in the style of the androids in (the anime film) Ghost in the Shell 2. Unfortunately, I just felt surrounded by dozens and dozens of mutilated, dismembered and exploited female bodies. It ended up feeling rather unpleasant. The accompanying exhibition, by Pierre Klossowski featured numerous drawings on a magnificent scale of various sexual scenes from fables and myths and these too felt full of female objectification. I actually felt disappointed with the gallery for featuring this so blatantly and overwhelmingly. I'm thinking of emailing them and telling them what I think.

A friend from Brisbane, Carol, who is living in a hostel in Edinburgh was in town for the weekend so I caught up with her on Saturday night. There were also two guys there who I also know from Brisbane. One of them I hadn't seen for maybe four or five years. Matt has just moved to London to work and study and Kamil, who has been studying in New York, is about to move to Mexico. It was really nice to catch up with them. We met in a bar in Camden and then went to a Japanese restaurant. Then Carol, Paul and I went to a cafe in Soho.

I had a good weekend – apart from Paul and I traipsing around Sunday afternoon, trying to find a supermarket that was still open after 5pm!



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