mental health days

I went home early from work on Tuesday because I was feeling sick in the tummy – really nauseous. I missed my drawing class too which I was REALLY disappointed about. I stayed home yesterday (Wednesday) because I was still feeling sick in the stomach and I came back to work today (Thurs). I'm actually inclined to think that it was just stress that made me feel sick because I've been worrying about a lot of things lately. One of which is being depressed. I had been feeling quite lethargic and down lately and had started to worry about getting depressed again. I've been through this cycle before – I feel depressed, I start to stress about it, I get physically sick. Luckily I'm much more aware of it these days and can recognise it a whole lot quicker. I still feel a bit sick but not too much – I think I'd been worrying needlessly about work too. Anyway, I enjoyed my day off – I lay around and watched Transamerica (which is a good film) – and generally relaxed. And I haven't worried too much about the lack of sick pay (temping isn't so great).

Also, yesterday I started writing book reviews for my next zine. I've been putting this off for ages – and it's really best to write your reviews just after you've finished the book.

Last night I was trying to pick a book to read before going to sleep and I couldn't. I think I have too many on the go. I realised I need to try to read less books at the same time. Slllooooooooooooowwwww down. I can't possibly read every single book I want to.

Paul has been setting up a blog for both him and me on the server he has through work. I'm excited about getting my website happening again. If only we had internet access at home.

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