The week of my 29th birthday

I had a really nice birthday on Wednesday. On the weekend, Paul bought me the book Art and Feminism by Helena Reckitt and Peggy Phelan that I have wanted for quite some time. It is a large, beautiful book with lots and lots of glossy pictures of great art and a heap of articles and extracts from seminal feminist texts and art publications. It rocks. Paul has been working 12-9pm all this week so he sleeps on when I get up to go to work. When I came back from the shower on Wednesday morning, there was a card waiting for me on my pillow. It has the cutest picture of two cats snuggling and it says 'for someone very special on her birthday'. Inside Paul wrote such a lovely, lovely message.

I had a cruisey day at work and they gave me a cake with candles and the book, Stitch n Bitch: the Knitters' Handbook and the CD, Show Your Bones by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It did rain all day and I got quite wet in the afternoon as I trogged up the road to register with a doctor. That night I bought a pizza on the way home and ate it on my bed and listened to my new CD and crocheted. I quite enjoyed myself.

Last weekend Paul and I went to the Tate Modern and looked at the slides they have there at the moment. We'd just missed out on the afternoon sessions (free) tickets. The slides are there till April so I am planning to go on them. On Sunday we spent most of the day watching films at home (Monsters Inc and other things). Sunday night we went into Soho and ate dinner at a restaurant serving organic, vegan food. It was good and cheap.

I went to my drawing class on Tuesday night. We had to draw a landscape (or cityscape or seascape) either from memory or made up. I drew the view from my parents' verandah that I remember from growing up.

I crocheted my first garment this week! It was a black scarf. I'm quite proud of it. I've started to crochet a handbag now. I had picked out some patterns in the Stitch n Bitch book that I wanted to make but have since changed my mind in favour of easier patterns. I'm also keen to get into the knitting patterns too. Both the knitting book and the crocheting book have patterns for a bikini! Haven't decided yet if I'll make it.

I have attempted (again) to give up caffeine. I give it up, I take it up again, I have decaf coffee at work (and sometimes lots of it) and then I end up having a caffeinated coffee some time anyway, then I don't have any and get a terrible headache and I remember why I give it up. Monday morning I woke up at 4 with a terrible headache (that felt very much like a caffeine-withdrawal headache). I couldn't get back to sleep so I got up at 5 and went to the loungeroom to watch telly and my flatmate Bernie also couldn't sleep and so I watched a couple of episodes of Six Feet Under with her (I'd never seen it before). I started crocheting a scarf which I finished Tuesday night. I wonder how long it will take to make the handbag. I will need to line it too – sounds complicated. Anyway, I decided to quit caffeine again. Have been mostly pretty good this week.

Yesterday I went on an adventure on the way home and went to an Asda supermarket (this involved getting off the train at a station I'd never been to, getting a bus I hadn't got before and hoping it would be obvious where to get off. Then I had to find a different bus to get home. It wasn't too hard all up). It was really huge and sold cheap clothes. I bought some clothes which are probably made in sweatshops considering how cheap they are. The supermarket was actually quite overwhelming, it was so incredibly large.

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