Oxford, cold, tired, can't think of good title

It's getting cold now. When I go to work in the morning and come home in the evening it's pretty cold. And yesterday I left my hand-knitted-by-me scarf on the tube! How annoying. Daylight saving finished on the weekend so now it's lighter in the morning when I leave for work but it's dark when I leave work. At lunch time yesterday I bought some yarn to make a new scarf and a handbag – although I think the yarn that I bought for a scarf (which is woolly cotton) I will use for a beanie. I am going to attempt to make a beanie with flaps that come over your ears, and little cat ears on top! The pattern is in my new Stitch n Bitch: the Knitters' Handbook! I plan to read the instructions on the train on the way home today.

Last night I had my drawing class which was fun but quite cold on the way home (because I only had my cardigan, not a coat). We were given a poem and then had to draw something. It was a poem by WB Yeats about a cat and the moon. My picture was quite literal and representative and it looked quite different to how I imagined it. I think I'd like to work on it a bit more. When I got home I should have gone to bed (I was soooo tired) but I ended up watching The Secret Policeman's Ball (an Amnesty International fundraiser with lots of comedians) and I laughed and laughed and laughed. I figured it was probably good for me but I've been so tired all day.

On Saturday, Paul and I went to Oxford. I think I wasn't expecting to see so many tourists (but then, I never am). There were a lot of really beautiful buildings and we had a look in Magdalen College (Oscar Wilde went there!). I wish I'd done more research before I went but I guess we can go back. We went to the Pitt Rivers museum which had so much amazing and wacky stuff. I saw real shrunken human heads! That was pretty crazy. Will from work said that the Pitt Rivers Museum is the best thing about Oxford. Unfortunately the two upper floors were closed.

A parcel arrived in the mail for me on Saturday – it was a birthday present from Paul's family in Australia! It was the Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood which is a retelling of the Odyssey by Homer but from Penelope's point of view (Odyssius' wife). I haven't read the Odyssey or the Iliad but I'd like to after I've read the Penelopiad.

On Sunday I had a birthday lunch with my brother Steve, his girlfriend Sophie, my friend Renee and Paul. We had lunch at the Tate Modern cafe. Afterwards we took them up to the restaurant on the 7th floor which has an amazing view. Paul and I are thinking of becoming members. I tried to make Steve and Sophie look at some art but they weren't really interested. So I took them and showed them a Salvador Dali picture (the Metamorphosis of Narcisus) so at least they could say they've seen that.

Last week I bought a CD by the band CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) from Brazil. I had read about them so thought I'd check them out. They're kinda art-punk-electroclash and I think they're fun. I also bought two magazines that came with CDs (Mixmag with a mixtape by De La Soul, and Plan B). I also bought Ms magazine and Crafts. I think I got a bit carried away because I don't feel like I have time to read them all. Oh well. Gotta stop spending! Tomorrow I will be doing the first (of probably many) international money transfers to pay off my Australian credit card.



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