Borat, beanies, fireworks.

As is usual for poor dysthymic me, I have been feeling pretty up and down lately. (Dysthymia is chronic low grade depression). Paul worked on Saturday. Usually when he works and I have a day off I enjoy having the house to myself and I potter around and do things and maybe go somewhere and enjoy the 'me' time – which I did for most of the day on Saturday, but I also ended up feeling lonely and friendless, especially as I wanted to go watch Guy Fawkes fireworks and had no-one to go with. I really miss all the friends I had in Brisbane! I also find fulltime work really really tiring and quite hard with regularly feeling depressed. You know you're depressed when you wish something bad would happen to you so you don't have to go to work. I'm hoping that joining a gym and doing regular exercise will help with the lethargy-side of depression (and I know I'm pretty unfit at the moment). It was kind of depressing to sit in the house and hear all the fireworks going off. Sunday night I went outside and went for a little walk up the street to look at some of the fireworks. I love fireworks.

Last night my drawing class was cancelled due to an 'emergency' for the teacher. We will apparently get an extra class at the end (which is good as each class costs £28). With all my knitting and crocheting lately I haven't been putting any time outside of class into my drawing!

I am currently knitting a beanie which is going really well. On Friday I went to the department store John Lewis on Oxford St (which was sooooo packed with people – Osford St coming out of Oxford Circus tube, not the store) and I bought joined-up knitting needles (ok, I can't remember what they're actually called) so I'm currently knitting a tube that will (hopefully) become a beanie with flaps to cover my ears and little kitty ears on top! There were lots of other people buying knitting supplies on Friday night and I felt a kind of solidarity with my fellow crafters. It was cool. So now I have three projects on the go – knitting a scarf, knitting a beanie and crocheting (my second) handbag. The first handbag I crocheted hasn't been sewn up and finished. I have to buy lining for it so I thought I'd wait till I finished the second one and buy the lining for both of them together.

Tonight I'm going to a meeting to start organising a London ladyfest. I'm a bit scared but quite excited about it.

On Sunday, Paul and I went to see the film Borat. I laughed and cringed and groaned and I'm still undecided on what I thought. The problem with irony is that when Sacha Baron Cohen is being obviously offensive and people laugh, are they laughing because his anti-semitism and misogyny are so over-the-top and wrong, or are they laughing because he gets away with it? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I couldn't stand watching Ali G because I thought it was so offensive and misogynistic. And I've had many people tell me he was being ironic, satirical, etc but I still didn't like it.


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