Let's get physical, physical

I have finally joined a gym!

On Saturday, P and I went to the gym near his work so I finally got to see where he goes each day! It's a massive business park out near Heathrow.

We joined up at the gym and then we worked out on treadmills, exercise bikes, steppers (or whatever they're called).

Yesterday after work I went to the Virgin gym in Islington. I only worked out for about 45 minutes but I had a meeting to go to.

I’m aiming to go three times a week. I think it will do wonders for my mental and physical health. There’s a (Virgin) gym a couple of tube stops short of home which I plan to check out later this week. After a couple of weeks I plan to do some classes and eventually I plan to buy some swimmers to go swimming (hopefully that will help deal with the winter blues as I see it as such a summer thing to do).

The Virgin gyms are really nice, they have a pool as well as heaps of different equipment and classes and a lounge area with coffee shop and internet access. AND they’re really child-friendly which I think is great. You don’t see kids in the gym or anything but they have classes in the pool and I think maybe special classes for them in the studios as well as having a creche. I love seeing people leaving/arriving/sitting in the lounge with their kid/s.

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