selfish morons on the tube

I have to get public transport to work every day and it takes at least an hour each way. I get really annoyed with people who get onto trains (or buses) and who stop near the door (cus there’s no seats) and they DON’T move down and so less people can get on and those that do are SQUASHED up. They really ANNOY me. I think: don’t these people get public transport everyday? Don’t they know what it’s like when you can’t get on your train/bus/etc because it seems packed – but it’s not? I’ve started saying to people ‘Can you move down please?’ because they seem to ignore the voice-overs asking people to move right down inside the car. It also annoys me when people won’t get out of the way to let people off the train. I have said to people ‘Can you get out of the way and let us off?’

Anyway, today on my way home it maybe wasn’t such a good idea. A rather large man was blocking the corridor so I reached out and poked him (i’ve taken to poking people who are blocking up a corridor when there are heaps of people packed in and there are more trying to get on) and said in a rather terse manner ‘Can you move down please?’ The woman with him didn’t think this was possible and so I squeezed/pushed past and I think he may have had an intellectual disability and I’m not sure if he spoke English (so I felt like a right bitch) and then when they got off I saw that he was limping so had trouble with mobility. Man! Maybe I should be nicer! What’s that saying about honey and vinegar?! Cus you just never know when you’re gonna look like a total nasty bitch. Whoops.

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