Another week wizzes by

I ended up missing work on Monday and Tuesday this week which means I lose two days pay – temping really sucks! I’m still feeling sick (headachey) but I figured I couldn’t afford to stay home anymore. I got antibiotics from my doctor on Monday and I didn’t even have to have an appointment (you can’t do that in Australia!). I described my symptoms to the nurse/receptionist over the phone and she told me the prescription would be ready after 2.30 (this was on Monday). The drugs have certainly helped the chest infection.

On Friday I called up my sister Joanne, and I was able to cover three households in one phone call because my sister Nicky and her husband and my Mum and Dad were all visiting for the weekend (to see my niece Annie’s first ballet concert – she’s 4!). It was also Nicky’s birthday. So throughout this week they have been emailing me photos and videos from the visit which has been really nice (and making me miss them terribly). I might post some of the photos to my flickr account.

On Monday night I took Sudafed right before I went to bed – not a smart thing to do! I slept soooo badly because it keeps you awake. I can’t believe I did that. I ended up sleeping for most of Tuesday.

On Thursday morning, I woke up at about 4am with terrible period pain! Which continued for most of yesterday.

Last weekend involved lots of laying around and resting but on Saturday Paul and I went into Covent Garden so Paul could buy some new sneekers. They are black and stylish and he is quite proud of them – they have thin souls so you can feel the ground through them so they are kind of like walking around with bare feet – which Paul really likes to do. We went to Neal Street which is just full of shoe shops, which is cool, and there is a Birkenstock shop, which I love, due to my flat feet. I am planning on buying some boots from there (as I really want some boots for winter). We also found some streets full of nice/cool/interesting shops, including Rough Trade (an independent music/clothes shop) and a Dover Publications shop (they sell books of copyright-free pictures).

Not sure what I’m doing this weekend. There are lots of art exhibitions I’d like to see. Plus I want to get crocheting some Christmas presents for people. And I want to update my website ( as there is very little there at the moment. But I just wish my headache would go away.



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