music, computer games and Christmas

It’s been much colder the last couple of days – even English people are commenting on how cold it is. There has also been lots of fog around – causing the cancellation of flights and slowing traffic down.


On Tuesday I bought two albums: Public Warning by Lady Sovereign and Peakahokahoo by Piney Gir. Lady Sovereign is really fun, dancey hip hop and Piney Gir is sweet electronica with a bit of country mixed in. I really like them both (which was a relief as I had not heard either of them – I had read about them both). Apparently Piney Gir’s next album after Peakahokahoo is much more folky/country. Lady Sovereign has some great beats and great, fun, funny lyrics. I’d love to see her live. The album has a remix with Missy Elliot which is cool. I was dancing around the bedroom to it last night! It’s great to listen to music to and from work each day. It makes the drudgery of fulltime work slightly more bearable.

Lately I have started playing the ‘massively multiplayer online role playing game’ World of Warcraft! Paul plays it and I finally decided to give it a go. It’s fun but I find it a bit difficult sometimes as I’ve never been much of a player of computer games so I’m not that familiar with them so can’t really guess what I should be doing. I will probably keep playing it every now and then. I have been playing it when Paul is at work which means I do as much as I can and then I get stuck and need to ask him what to do next. When he gets home he simply has to get online and play!

On Saturday, Paul and I are driving up to Yorkshire to stay with his Mum and sister at their Great Aunt’s. There are no heaters in the bedrooms so I’m a bit worried about it. I hope i don’t get tooooo cold. I’m sure Christmas will be really nice but I have such negative feelings towards Christmas it is hard to get excited about it. I have had so many stressful Christmases that generally I wish I could just ignore the whole season. I hate it. Last year I spent Christmas with Paul’s family and it was lovely. Paul can’t understand why I hate it so much but I guess it can be really hard to shake off many years of bad experiences. Even with my family on the other side of the world I’m still having regular stressful dreams about them. Even those members I have good relationships with now, still cause me grief in my dreams.

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