Happy New Year and other cliches

Well it’s been a while since I wrote, what has happened?

Went to Yorkshire for 4 days over Christmas. Ate lots of food. Slept in a cold bedroom (no central heating).

Came back to find house had been burgled on Boxing day. Bastards stole our laptop, a watch, jewellery and my sneakers! They also broke into 3 other flats in our building.

Bought a gorgeous, long, wool, black-with-grey-trim coat in post-christmas sales.

Also bought lovely black boots from Birkenstock (on the left) which gave me blisters on New year’s eve. Stupid hard leather on lovely, gorgeous boots! I also tried on other boots (on the right) but they felt too loose.


Paul bought me swimming togs so am planning to go to the gym and swim in the pool – or maybe just spend time in the spa. I have to wear old, everyday sneakers as new, sporty reeboks were also stolen by the nasty burglars. Also, I don’t think I’ll be working out on treadmill/bikes/etc until my blister goes away.

Had a week off work which was good but will suck to lose a week’s pay. Especially as I’m having another week off to go to Italy soon.

That’s right, I’m going to Italy on Januray 20! For a week. And will probably finally see snow. And hopefully learn to ski.

Paul’s sister Emma stayed for a week so did site-seeing with her – British Museum, shopping, Holland Park (where we saw lots of cute, tame squirrels who came right up to us and peacocks and peahens and some sculptures).

Got a nasty blister on my left foot from new boots.

Finally put the camera in to be fixed so I’ll be able to start taking photos again. Due to the theft of our laptop, nearly all my photos from this year are gone (all except the ones I put on flickr). Damn those thieves!!! And damn us for not doing a back-up.

Saw the new year in with Paul, Emma, Daniel (Thomas’ brother) and Adam (Daniel’s friend), watching fireworks (coming from around the London Eye) from Vauxhall.

Went up Hampstead Heath and saw a lovely view of London last night. We also saw a house near Hampstead Heath that was designed by the modernist architect, Erno Goldfinger. A resident of the area, Ian Fleming (he wrote the James Bond books) hated Goldfinger’s work so he named one of his villains after him! The house wasn’t that bad. It was just very rectangular!

Things are good except I woke up early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. I think it was a combination of worry about the fight Paul and I had on New Year’s Eve and stress about having to go back to work and the painful blister on my heel.

My good friend Monica and her partner Dave will be in town this weekend. It will be so good to see her and to catch up. I have really missed my friends in the last few months. Mon and Dave have been in Spain for three months and they are on their way to the world social forum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Oh, and two days after the robbery we bought a new laptop (and no, we didn’t have insurance). There goes Paul’s end-of-year bonus.


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