I'm unemployed

That’s right kids, as of last week I am no longer working for Islington Borough Council. My resignation was quite sudden but my heart wasn’t in it so I had to go (and various other reasons!). I enjoyed working with most of the people there but they seem to keep people on as agency staff for a really long time (so you don’t get sick pay or holiday pay) which I think really sucks arse! And certainly didn’t endear the organisation to me. And I was there for five months and still hadn’t been sent to induction which I thought was pretty slack. I will miss a number of really cool/awesome people I met there though – will have to make sure I keep in touch with them.

Luckily I have a very supportive partner who has said I can take as long as I want to find another job – which is certainly very helpful and comforting. At first I was kind of stressing out and thinking that I must find another job straight away but then I figured I should have a holiday, and wait till we came back from our week in Italy (and Paul was saying that too).

And in good news, I have been to the gym every second day for the last ten days. I might actually form a habit! Yay. I even use weight machines now (used to be a bit scared of them) and the rowing machine! I had a nice spa afterwards tonight – it really got my muscles shaking! I’ve started to feel the workouts in my legs which is good – it should really help my flat feet and creaky knees!

Last Friday I went out for my friends Renee and Jason’s birthdays to a nice club in Holborn/Covent Garden – not really sure where the boundaries are – and it was really nice and I talked to two people I’d never met before. It would be nice to see them again!

Yesterday I had a blood test to check that my antidepressents aren’t doing bad things to my liver – but I’ve been on them for about three years I think, so hopefully I would have noticed by now. I also had a pap smear yesterday (or cervical smear, as they call them in Britain). I hadn’t had one for years but all the memories came flooding back as I lay there with a speculum up my c**t!


Only two days till I fly to Italy, and finally see snow – at the ripe old age of 29! That’s what happens when you live the first 28 and a half years of your life in Queensland I guess! 🙂

And in news on the breakin….
The police have caught a man who they believe broke into our building – his DNA matches the blood found in two of the other flats in my building. Unfortunately, no sign of our laptop or MP3 players or reebok sneakers. Yesterday I went to the local police station to give a statement – which I’d never done before. The DC said he thought the guy would get 20 years as they believe they can charge him with 23 robberies (he was in custody for one he did on New Year’s Eve – I guess Public Holidays were his days to work – we were burgled Boxing Day). I did feel kinda sad about the whole 20 years thing – I asked if he was very old and was told early 20s. I’m sure rehabilitation of prisoners is even worse here than in Australia which is kinda sad.

I knew I’d been reading too much Harry Potter when I thought his name sounded like a wizard when they asked if I knew him (I won’t give his full name but his first name is Bartos). So I now imagine our burglar as an evil wizard who steals electronics! Well, at least he’s not being sent to Azkaban (how geeky am I with my harry potter jokes?).



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