Back from Italy

We arrived home late Sunday night from our week away, where I had a fantastic time in Italy. Seven days at Campitello Di Fassa for skiing at the Dolomites and then two days in Venice. I am definitely a city person – the two days in Venice were definitely the highlight for me!

I have many of the photos from the holiday on my flickr site and promptly found the 200 picture limit that a free flickr site has. So now I’m deciding whether to pay flickr for more room, or whether to put the photos somewhere else!

When I got home, a parcel from Amazon was waiting for me, containing the CD, Where’s Neil When You Need Him?. I’m really enjoying it. It’s great. It has 17 tracks by different artists, all inspired by the work of Neil Gaiman. It has new art by Dave McKean as well as notes from Neil about the songs and artists. You may be aware of my love for Neil Gaiman and his work (just see previous posts here and here). I’m already loving songs by Razed in Black, Future Bible Heroes, Voltaire with the Oddz, ThouShaltNot, Lunascape and Hungry Lucy.

In other news, our flatmate Dani is moving in with her boyfriend so we spent much time on Monday and Tuesday nights interviewing potential new flatmates. We have decided on a guy who is a games tester with Sega. He seems really sweet and easy-going (and he has a couple of games consoles, including the new Wii!).


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