It’s snowing in London

My brother Steve and his girlfriend Sophie came back from a week in Slovenia on Monday evening. They stayed with us till Wednesday and they are now in South Africa for a couple of weeks, on their way back to Oz.

Paul’s friend Stu arrived on Tuesday. He has a new digital camera which he has been trying out – all the photos below are by him.

He took some photos around the neighbourhood yesterday and then out again this morning to take photos of the SNOW!!!! Very cool and exciting but very cold!

A pic of Ealing Common near my house on Wednesday.
My street on Wednesday.
My street on Thursday.
A moss-covered ball on a fence on Wednesday…
Became a snow-covered ball on Thursday.
Stu walked Paul some of the way to the train station this morning. Here is Paul in our street. See the snow falling and the lovely house behind him – there are lots of lovely, big, old houses in our neighbourhood.
Ealing Common covered with snow and someone crouching to pick up a snow ball, perhaps?
Some parkland near my house, all covered in snow.


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