myart and myzines and myspace

So I’m finally starting to get my art up on the site. Haven’t got it all there but at least now I have some.

I still have heaps of stuff from my zines to put up too (articles and art from Ugly Duckling, Another Dental Visit, Tick the Appropriate Box and others). I’m also currently working on a zine (with a new name) which would be great to have it available for download here but still gotta see how my tech ability goes!

I have recently been adding lots of friends on myspace! At first I only wanted to ‘add’ people as friends if I was actually friends with them but have since decided to screw that – by having lots of people and collectives as friends, you can see their bulletins and read their blogs and find out about cool things going on: shows, callouts for art and articles, etc. And as my attempts to meet people here in a new country have been quite lame so far, I figure any help could be a good thing.

Whenever I used to hear people making fun of people who use internet dating sites or dating services I used to think it was quite unfair. I never felt I needed to use them to meet people but I couldn’t see the harm in using a service to meet people if you are having trouble just meeting people in your everyday life. I’ve only moved towns twice in my life: once at the age of 17 to go to university (and it took me quite a while to make new friends) and then 9 months ago, to a new country on the other side of the world (London, UK). So, again, I have to meet new people, find new communities, etc. It’s not easy. At least I know some people here. And coming with a partner has definitely gotta help keep loneliness at bay.

Anyway, it’s Paul’s birthday today so we are probably going to go into town this afternoon and maybe spend his birthday money from his parents. I bought him a subscription to New Scientist and the graphic novel, Marvel 1602 by Neil Gaiman. It’s a superhero comic book set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth (the first!). It’s supposed to be quite good and quite historically accurate (apart from the superheroes, I guess!).

Our new flatmate brought heaps more of his stuff on the weekend (he only had one suitcase full till then) so now we have an X Box, a Playstation 2 and a Wii. Before he went to work this afternoon we played guitar hero which is cool. And Paul has been playing sports games on the Wii (tennis, golf, boxing).


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