Best friends and BOSU and camera!!!!

On Tuesday, my bestest friend Lucy was in town. Unfortunately, she was only here for a couple of hours but I went into King’s Cross and met her and we had lunch and hung out in Camden. She now lives in Edinburgh and we should really go visit her soon. Especially as she’s planning to move to Glasgow later in the year (although, there’s no reason why we couldn’t visit her there!). But I also have a friend, Carol, who lives in Edinburgh so we could see them both.

Yesterday I went to the gym and did a Bosu class. Bosu stands for Both Sides Up and it involves doing various exercises on an inflated rubber hemisphere. I just went searching on the internet for info on Bosu and found some short promotional videos – I think from a company that makes the bosu. Only a couple of the films would work for me.

I’ve been working out at the gym regularly and really want to keep it up. I think I may have lost weight too. I measured around my waist, hips, bust and thighs the other night, wrote it down and will measure it again in a few weeks to see what happens! I’m not that concerned about losing weight, I just want to have more energy. Lack of energy has always been a big problem of mine.

On Wednesday I had an appointment at a local mental health clinic about my depression – it took a couple of months to be able to see someone. They recommended cognitive behaviour therapy, which has a six month waiting list! Public Health never gets enough money (especially mental health services). Paul has said he will pay for me to go private but I really need to get a job! It is getting tight just living on one wage. I’m so glad Paul is supportive and not hassling me to find any job – he has said I should only apply for jobs I want.

On Saturday night there’s a fundraiser for the London Zine Symposium that I might go to but Paul doesn’t finish work till 7pm. Lucy went to the London Zine Symposium last year and she said it was really good (it was on a month or two before I got here). I have been meaning to make a new zine for AGES so now I’m going to try to get it together by the zine symposium in April!

And yesterday I picked up our camera from being fixed. I spent an absolute FORTUNE getting it fixed so it better work – couldn’t check it yesterday because the batteries were flat. I’m going to check it now. Hopefully, there will be many new and regular photos from now on! And maybe I can illustrate my blog with gorgeous photos like my friend cherie does about her family and food!

And speaking of Cherie, I have finally read Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto as recommended by Cherie many years ago (I picked it up for a pound at a Cancer Research op shop). I was so swiftly and lovingly reminded of Cherie and her love of eating and cooking (and all those meals she cooked for me in Brisbane, all those years ago!) by the first line in the book that she has on her foodie blog The Red Kitchen: The place I like best in this world is the kitchen. I still make some of the recipes she taught me!


One Response to Best friends and BOSU and camera!!!!

  1. kitschenette says:

    so glad you finally read the book. I love that book so much.
    Brisvegas seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it? but they were good times. I still miss my old flat in Edmondstone st!

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