A week of cool mail!

(some art by Gilbert and George)

Well, maybe ‘a WEEK of cool mail’ is a slight exageration but this week: the first issue of Paul’s New Scientist subscription arrived; and today, my member’s pack from the Tate arrived. Very exciting!

I’m excited about seeing the Gilbert and George exhibition at Tate Modern for free (it costs money to non members). I’m currently watching films about the exhibition.

Here’s a little blurb about Gilbert and George that I found on the Tate website:
Gilbert Proesch and George Passmore, known always by their first names, have been collaborating for over thirty years. They met while students at St Martin’s School of Art in 1967. They have worked in the media of video, performance, painting, drawing and photography. In 1970 they began calling themselves ‘living sculptures’ and, wearing conservative suits and striking statuesque poses, became the primary subjects of their art.

Death Hope Life Fear by Gilbert and George, 1984.
Cunt Scum by Gilbert and George, 1977.

I’m also interested in seeing the Hogarth exhibition at Tate Britain.

I think the Tate website has pictures of all the art they own (over 65,000 pieces of art). You can do a search on an artist (or a piece of work) and look at lots of photos of their work. It’s pretty cool.


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