New hair cut

Ok, so I got my hair cut a month ago now but here are some pictures I took on the day!



5 Responses to New hair cut

  1. Helen says:

    Hot! you look tres pensive and deep carmen. i like the colour

  2. janettee says:

    funky hair do sister!

    the guy who started the lukemia foundation is in my philosphy class. he is a cancer doctor and saw a need for supporting his patients more. the foundation was an awesome support for my aunt robyn and her husband anthony (they both had lukemia and he ended up dying from the disease).

    i think the time is nearing for my hair to go! i have been toying with a #1 blade for, oh, 10 years now. hope i look as hot as you when i do! but it won’t be for another year now, winter’s on its way…

  3. Ellen says:

    fuck that looks awesome

  4. zinegeek says:

    Thanks for all your comments grrrrlsss! Helen, it’s my natural colour! Haven’t dyed it for over a year now. It was black for all of 2005, when I was at art school 😉 but haven’t dyed it since then.

    Have been thinking of going short again but it’s just so cold in Britain that I think I need to keep it.

    Would love to see you with no hair Nettie but it would be such a shock!

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