Quick, mid-March update

On Friday I went to see a counsellor in town. Had an hour session. It went really well and I have a really good feeling about it. Hopefully I’ll stick to it longer than I usually stick to counselling (usually about 3 sessions, my longest with one person was probably 5 or 6 sessions). My new therapist suggested a few books I should read, and also said that her clients usually tape the sessions so they can listen to them again.

Friday night Paul and I went out with people from his work. We didn’t stay out too late and got the tube home.

On Saturday morning we went to yoga at the gym and in the following days we both had very sore hamstrings. I’m planning on going to yoga again tomorrow morning.

I have started cross-stitching again and I’m really happy to be getting back into the creative swing of things.

Yesterday I received a couple of DVDs from my sister Jo with lovely messages from my two little nieces who I miss very much. It was simply gorgeous.

My sister Nicky called this morning which was also lovely. We had a good ol’ chat.

Paul is working till 9pm every night this week but tonight something came up and he was still there at 11 which is not so fun. Hopefully he will be home soon.


2 Responses to Quick, mid-March update

  1. Nicky says:

    Hey darling

    Just going through old emails and saw your news about your sewing machine…. how very cool. Then I decided it was about time I explored your website (it’s been about 4 months since I last looked).

    And now here is my attempt to ‘leave a comment’, I hope it works and I hope your technically savy friends don’t read this and realise what a dinosaur I am when it comes to computers.

    Anyway lovey, I’m so excited about spending your birthday with you – it’ll be filled with lots of giggles and fun times.

    can’t wait to see you and I miss you soooooo much

    love always and ever
    your (second) big sister

  2. Helen says:

    I’m glad you’re getting into the swing of things and being creative and proactive. I’m struggling at the moment, with the realities of unemployment. It’s like no matter how positive I try to be, for me, I always end up taking on negative terms – dole bludger, unemployed – it’s not like i don’t do anything!

    I have to attend a compulsary intensive job seeking thingy, so it’s not helping my feelings of self worth to be constantly having to explain myself and my decisions!!! arrgh, but i’m feeling inspired by you.
    ohhh, by the way me and lexi had a picnic on sunday and it was lovely!

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