I like big books and I cannot lie

Yesterday I went to the other side of London (well sort of) to borrow the Illuminatus! Trilogy from an Islington library. Damn Ealing libraries only had a couple of copies and they seemed to be out. Luckily I have library cards from two different boroughs. I wonder if I could get a library card from all 33 boroughs? Now there’s a thought for some kind of book-lovers art project! I could compare the library cards! The book (of three novels) is about 800 pages long and I only have it out for three weeks. The authors, Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson were working together at Playboy magazine, editing the forum of readers’ letters and they got so many about various conspiracies that they decided to write a book of them. So these novels are full of conspiracies which I think will be quite amusing. I love conspiracies. I have heard quite a lot about September 11, 2001. I’m looking forward to three novels-worth!
If you don’t know London you can click on this image and see that I exaggerated when I said that I had to go to the other side of London when I was going from Ealing to Islington (it’s still an hour each way on public transport!).

After going to the library I went to the Virgin gym in Islington (see below for why) and I had to carry my huge new library book there and on the way home because my backpack was full of gym stuff and the other books I’d borrowed from the library (I can’t help myself). These books were: Selected Short Stories by Virginia Woolf; The Last Temptation, a comic by Neil Gaiman and Michael Zulli; Summer Blonde (stories), a comic by Adrian Tomine; and Volumes 1 and 2 of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore. I have no idea how I’m going to have time to read them when I have 800 other pages to read (and I have to go back over to Islington to take them back too) but I can always renew them, right? I also currently have 6 books from the Ealing libraries about sewing, various types of needlework and quilting at the moment and there has been no sign of my sewing machine. I keep meaning to call Brother to make sure it hasn’t got lost.

On Saturday Paul and I went to the gym (a bus-ride up the road) but they wouldn’t let me in because I’d already been there 4 times this month. Now with Virgin gyms there are different kinds of membership where you can go to any of their gyms, or where you have to go to the one gym all the time and can only go to another one no more than four times a month. As Paul signed me up through his work which isn’t exactly close to where we live, they said I wouldn’t have that restriction and I have been going to the gym near our home for months now, about three times a week. Paul needs to talk to someone at his work to sort it out but he is quite busy at work so hasn’t got around to it yet, I think (or maybe he has today).

Which reminds me, I’m supposed to call our (real) estate agent so I’d better go do that. They’re sooooo hopeless. We have damp problems (one of our walls is slowly disintegrating) but they don’t seem too concerned about it. Because of the mould in our bedroom Paul and I have started using a dehumidifier every day. A couple of weeks ago I bought a bucket and some bleach and washed a heap of mould off our bedroom wall (that was on the wall beside the head of our bed, a heap of black mould). No wonder Paul’s been coughing continually for months? I also plan to wash/bleach the mould off the window pains and sill.


2 Responses to I like big books and I cannot lie

  1. barry says:

    the illuminatus trilogy is awesome! once you’ve read it, you should read the invisibles – it’s kind of a sequel of sorts.

    fnord fnord.

  2. janettee says:

    i read good omens by neil gaiman and terry pratchett last saturday. it was very cute and endearing. and my request for fragile things finally came through so i started reading some of short stories, the one inspired by the matrix script is a bit of a trip.

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