I went to the Andipa gallery to see a Banksy exhibition on Saturday which was the last day of the exhibition (actually, the Guardian’s Guide says it was, but I just saw on the Andipa website that it’s been extended to April 5). I love Banksy’s graffiti that he is well-known for and would love to get his book Wall and Piece.
Left, front cover of Banksy’s book Wall and Piece, right, some of Banksy’s artwork on the wall dividing Israel and Palestine.

The gallery was quite small and packed with people who were probably keen to get a look, like me, before it closed. The exhibition consisted of canvases and prints selling for incredible amounts of money. And it wasn’t like I hadn’t seen any of this stuff before (it’s all pretty much in his book which is full of pictures of public places where he has painted his stencils). Here in the gallery were canvases selling for £60,000 and £85,000. I stood looking at them, a little stunned by the price, and thinking that I guess Banksy has made it. I just hope he uses the money to continue his outside work (e.g. painting in public places, painting on the wall dividing Israel and Palestine, putting up bits of art in museums, etc). I can’t remember how much the limited edition prints were but they were a lot less than £85,000. You can see what is for sale at the gallery’s website.
Some of Banksy’s street-art. He uses rats a lot!

This is a 9-minute clip from the Culture Show that I found on Youtube.

When Paris Hilton’s album came out, Banksy and friends replaced 500 of the albums with their reworkings of it in lots of stores. Again, Youtube has a clip on what they did.

On Sunday I saw a guy in Covent Garden selling what looked like fake Banksy’s and I wish I’d asked him how much they were. I think he’d taken pictures of Banksy’s work (maybe from his book? or maybe actually photos of the work in public that hasn’t been painted over) and had it printed on canvases and stretched over frames. I thought how cool it would have been if this guy on the street was actually Banksy himself.



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