Paul's hair, friends in town, lovely art books, the end of slavery?

For a while Paul has been talking about getting his hair cut but he just couldn’t decide where to go. Last week we ended up doing it at home in the bathroom. We hacked away at it and cut it a lot shorter at the back and made it a bit shorter on top. I’m so jealous of people with curly hair that their hair can look good after chopping away at it at home. So his hair is looking quite nice and a bit shorter. Wish I had a photo!

On Sunday we hung out with Paul’s friend Dani. We wandered around in town, went to a couple of coffee shops, heard how Dani’s health is (it’s been exactly a year since her diagnosis of breast cancer), her PhD (it’s been on hold for a year, as you can imagine), her music (her latest band is Vineland), and we told her what we have been up to since leaving Aus ten months ago.

Paul’s friend Dani with lovely thick hair. When it started falling out from the chemotherapy she just shaved it all off. It’s grown back really well.

We wandered around Covent Garden, looked in the Taschen store, went to the Photographer’s gallery, and the British Museum.

I had been into the Taschen store before and was keen to go back in. Taschen publishes art books at reasonable prices and I have a couple of them (back in Australia). In their store in Covent Garden, as well as their reasonably priced books, they also have some beautiful, really big, limited edition art books that cost more than I can afford! I lurve to look through them.
Left, The Women Artists book I have from Taschen. I can’t remember how much it cost but it was probably around AU$10-15. Middle, the La Cachapelle book you can look at in the Taschen store. It measures 34.5 x 50 cm, has 698 pages, is a limited edition of 2500 worldwide, each one numbered and signed by David LaChapelle and costs £1500. Right, my favourite art book there, is the Art Edition by Peter Beard, measuring 34.5 x 50 cm, has 616 pages, is limited to 2,250 copies worldwide, each one signed and numbered by Peter Beard. It costs £1500! But it sure is pretty!

The Araki book that Dani wanted costs £1900 pounds.

Instead we went to the Photographers Gallery where she picked up a nice book of his work for £20 or £25. We saw some cool photographs there, some that I really liked were by the (part) Australian Fiona Tan.
Sculptures from the Parthenon at the British Museum
Later on we went to the British Museum and showed Dani Egyptian Mummies and the sculptures from around the Parthenon in Greece that the Greeks want back but the British Museum won’t give back, also known as the Elgin Marbles (because they were brought back by Lord Elgin).

The British Museum is always packed but on Sunday afternoon it was packed and LOUD because there was an event on to commemorate the 200th anniversary since the parliamentary abolition of the transatlantic slave trade. I think it’s good that this event is being remembered but there hasn’t been much mention that after slavery was outlawed in Britain in 1807, it was still legal in the British colonies until 1833! When we left the choir singing on the stage were singing about Jesus. Yikes!

Not a bad day of site-seeing though.

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