The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd follows the adventures of the IT Department of a large company. Here we see characters Jen, Moss and Roy in their office, way down in the basement.

Last night, my flatmate Will and I travelled out to Pinewood studios to watch a recording of the Channel 4 TV show the IT Crowd. I gave Paul a DVD of the first series for Christmas. Now they’re filming the second series. Paul couldn’t come because his team from work went to see (the musical) Avenue Q.

When Season 1 came out, UK residents could download some of the episodes from Channel 4 but they had DRM restrictions on them, but luckily hackers got to it, making it available to people all over the world.

We had to line up in drizzling rain and wait in the cold for a taxi afterwards but it was cool to see how a television show is recorded. The writer Graham Linehan spoke to us a couple of times and he was really sweet. He wrote Father Ted and co-wrote the first series of Black Books. Will and I were sat in the front row which meant the camera and boom operators and their equipment were right in front of us making it kind of hard to see and we had to look right up to see the screens. But it was still cool.

The guy whose job it was to entertain the audience between takes was a bit of an idiot. Most of his comedy involved making fun of people because of where they came from, and he used the word chav (which I hate and think is offensive).

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