300 men

The reason for It’s raining 300 men (see previous post below) is because Paul is very keen to see the film 300. I could either take it or leave it. It would probably be slightly entertaining. I thought the pairing of the scenes from the film with the song ‘It’s raining men’ was very funny and appropriate. Reviews I have read say there are some spectacular costumes and lots of buff men and lots of violence.

In case you don’t know, the film is based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller (of Sin City fame). It is based on the true story of about 300 Spartan soldiers fighting against thousands of invading Persians, and how they were able to hold them off for a few days (because they were at a small pass in the mountains and only a small number of Persians could get through at a time. Or something like that.).

I am currently listening to Kraftwerk:
‘I’m the operator
with my pocket calculator’


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