Long weekend: Europe’s largest bookstore, Regent’s Park, sewing adventures

Paul and I enjoyed a lovely long Easter-long-weekend of lazing around and site-seeing.

On Friday we went into Piccadilly (it’s a street in London in case you don’t know) where we went to Europe’s largest bookstore! Pretty cool and we only found out about it that morning when I was looking up Waterstone’s bookstores for their opening hours (as it was a public holiday). The Waterstone’s on Piccadilly is in the building of an old department store and it takes up six floors and has an art gallery and at least two coffee shops (maybe more I can’t quite remember and am too lazy to check it right now). It was pretty impressive. Paul was looking for a book with back exercises in it and they didn’t have it so we went elsewhere so he could buy it. We had lunch in chinatown, and had pearl iced tea which I hadn’t had for ages.

On Saturday we went into town again, wandered around the city, through Trafalgar Square, down the Strand, up Whitehall, past Downing Street (and men with machine guns) and to the Tate Britain (see previous post for details of what we saw there).

On Sunday we went into Regent’s Park which was really beautiful and I will post photos from it soon.

On Monday we did some grocery shopping and went to the gym. I have been going less recently because there are problems with my membership. Need to get it sorted so I can get back into going three times a week.

In between our activities on the weekend we also did a lot of lying around reading. I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (no. 4 of the Harry Potters) and Paul read the Illuminatus trilogy. I had only read a hundred or so pages of Illuminatus and was a bit bored so I gave it to Paul and he powered through its 800 pages in less than a week. It’s due back today so I’d better get online and renew it!

I also did a bit of sewing on the weekend. I have started to make a dress out of some black corduroy I bought months ago. It’s a bit slow going as I’m not too confident yet but I’ll get there. I’m putting in some tucks and darts but before I did, I tried it on and Paul thought it looked a bit sack-like! I want to put lots of pockets in it (and all the clothes I make) as I get so sick of women’s clothing and its lack of pockets, but I’m finding it a bit difficult as a nooby sewer. But I’ll get there. I have sewed various buttons back onto clothes, I sewed a cool patch onto a t-shirt and Paul cut off some trousers that were too short and I hemmed them for him! So I feel like quite the seamstress! I have used black and red cotton so far so have had to put cotton onto two bobbins and I feel pretty cool. I’ve also had to change the needle a couple of times, and the foot! I have been putting post it notes into the manual for bits I think I will refer to regularly. Oh, and I did some of the decorative stitches on a pillow case because I really wanted to see what they looked like!
This is the black dress I am currently making out of corduroy.
I tried out three of the decorative stitches on a pillow case.
The machine’s case, with slot for manual and bits and pieces.
Aaaah, what a lovely sewing machine.
Turned on with lights. You can see where the thread goes.
Here you can see where the spare feet are kept!
Oh, what an amazing range of stitches there are to choose from! Apart from when I sewed on the pillow case, I have only used three so far, a zigzag, a straight stitch, and a button hole stitch. But it’s nice to know you’ve got options, right?


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