Regent's Park

Here is a photo of Paul and me at Regent’s Park on Sunday, 8 April, 2007. There are a lot of really beautiful flowers in the park so we took lots of photos as you can see below. We wandered around the park, had lunch (in one of the many cafes), wandered some more past the zoo (saw giraffes, zebras and ostrich through the fence) and some playing fields and then lay down and read for a while, then went home.

There was a sports and recreation building, with a cafe that was half submerged in a hill (The Hub). We stopped and had a bit of a look as Paul’s dream of building a house involves building a kind of hobit-like, mound-house, with a lot of it underground, or at least within a hill. I wasn’t too convinced about the idea but I liked what I saw at Regent’s Park. If you go to the The Hub link above, you can take a tour through the pavilion and see what is above ground and what is below. It’s quite cool. I had heard there was some kind of Winnie the Pooh thing in this park but I didn’t find it. Maybe it is in the Zoo (which is where the original bear called Winnie lived). As we walked past the zoo I related to Paul, a story I had read about a report saying London Zoo’s fences may not be secure enough to keep in the tigers. We didn’t see any escaped lions or tigers (have since read that the report says if the lions and tigers get out of their cages, they *may* be able to scale the perimeter fence). It didn’t look like a particularly animal-friendly zoo but we only saw it from the outside. Anyway, I think Regent’s Park is much nicer than Hyde Park and will definitely have to come back again.
A black swan.
Paul on a little bridge.
There were beautiful tulips everywhere.
Behind this fountain was a wedding party having photos taken. I’m sure the backdrop will look very nice.
Paul, powering through 800 pages of the Illuminatus trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea.


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