Everybody dance now, lost cities and bloody Adbusters!

I have had the sorest legs since Monday when I went to the gym with Paul. We worked on our legs (doing stretches and weights) and I did a heap of lunges that really worked my poor leg muscles! I made sure I went for a little walk up to the shops yesterday to get my legs moving but it sure hurt (especially going down stairs and there are four stairs in our flat so every time I go down to the lounge and kitchen it HURTS). I had planned on going to the gym today and I should go and at least do something – my membership problems have been sorted so they shouldn’t stop me going in!

On Monday morning Monica called from Brisbane (Monday night there) and it was soooo awesome to talk to her for a good hour. It’s always great to chat to her. She’s been a very good friend to me during hard times and it was really nice to have her and Dave stay for a couple of days in January. Dave is now in Africa (Uganda I think) working for Amnesty International and Mon’s been missing him, poor thing. She’s moving over in July so has lots of things to sort out before then.

Recently Paul and I watched the three-part BBC series Lost Cities of the Ancients. It was quite interesting and looked at Pi-Ramesses in Egypt, Tucume in Peru (there’s an interesting BBC news article about that) and Hattusa in modern-day Turkey. The narrator was really quite painful at times and repeated stuff over and over and their use of re-enactments and dramatic music was a bit over the top I think.

Paul recently made his first purchase online when he bought a DVD from Amazon, Everybody Dance from Pineapple Studios.

Everybody Dance is a fun and stylish dance class for you and your friends. Learn the latest dance moves that will give you lots of confidence on the dance floor.
Top choreographer to the stars Paulette Minott (Trouble TV’s Bump & Grind; MTV) will take you through four highly effective pop routines that are well structured and easy to follow,

We have watched the warm-up and the first routine to Maneater by Nelly Furtado! It looks quite fun, just not sure if we’ve really got room at home to do it. I think my sister Nicky would love it so I’m thinking of making a copy and sending it to her. Maybe I’ll send a copy to my nieces too!

I just had a look at the Adbusters website and watched a couple of their videos. They have one that annoyed me (well, lots of their stuff annoys me!). They had a video called Evidence by Godfrey Reggio that I think is supposed to show us how sad it is when children watch television.

Reggio filmed a group of young children watching tv to create this film which is as shocking as it is sad.

So I sat through seven minutes of footage of the faces of about ten children watching television and I didn’t think it was shocking or sad. The children, aged about four or five, looked quite engaged in what they were watching. They didn’t look happy, but then it didn’t say what they were watching. Were they being shown the news, with people dying, pornography, a drama, Sesame Street, what? How can I make a judgement with such little information? This supposed ‘evidence’ of why children shouldn’t watch television was pretty poor if you ask me. How do I know they were even watching television? Adbusters is so opposed to television but I hardly think we should oppose something just because some people consume too much of it. It’s such a poor argument.

And, I still have a lingering stuffy nose that just won’t go away.


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