Springtime in London: Friends, zines, art, picnics

Sitting in Russell Square after going to the London Zine Symposium nearby.
Lucy N and Tina chatting.
(left to right) Adam, Di and Lucy N.
Lucy R and my flatmate Will.
I have had a fantastic last few days of hanging out with friends, going to events and enjoying London. It’s been good.

Lucy N came to town for a few days and stayed with us which was really lovely (She lives in Edinburgh).

On Thursday night we went to a gig near King’s Cross. Watched a few rock bands. They were ok. Nothing special. Paul and our flatmate Will came too. We met up with Kirk, a friend from Brisbane who is now living in London and working in a coffee shop in Soho, run by New Zealanders.

On Friday night I went out to dinner with Paul, Lucy, Lucy’s flatmate from the last place she lived at in Australia (also called Lucy. I will call her Lucy R) and a friend and old flatmate of Lucy’s from when she was at uni in Cheltenham, Tina. Tina came to visit when Lucy lived in Australia so we’d all met about two years ago! We went to a Vietnamese restaurant around Shoreditch. It was really yummy.

Using my fabulous Tate membership, I took Lucy to the Gilbert and George exhibition that is currently on at the Tate Modern and then we went and had coffee in the Members’ Room.

On Saturday we went to the London Zine Symposium which was very cool. I acquired a nice pile of zines that I plan to read and review. Unfortunately Paul couldn’t come because he had to work. Lucy, Lucy R, Tina, Will and I went. We got to see Di and Adam from Brighton. (Di is from Brisbane too)

On Saturday morning our flatmate’s new, large, flatscreen TV arrived and it was just like Christmas morning with a large box and packaging everywhere, and everyone up early trying to set it up and get it working. Very exciting. I watched three DVDs Saturday night and another one on Sunday (Sin City, The Host, Wilderness, Ong Bak). They were good but they were all quite violent. It’s very cool to have such a large television to watch now.

On Sunday Paul, Lucy and I had a picnic with Lucy R and her flatmate, another Australian called Edwina. It was a lovely sunny day, we sat in a nice park with lots of pretty flowers and ate good food and then we went home and Lucy got a train to Brighton. She is going to Switzerland this week with some of her Brighton friends for a friend’s 30th birthday. She’s staying over for another night on her way back in a couple of weeks.

This morning, (Monday) I had an interview at a job agency as I had applied for a job at a gallery through them. Unfortunately I can’t be put forward for it as it is a permanent position and I can only work in the UK for another 7 months! Damn. I need to start getting my application for a spouse visa together so I won’t have restrictions on how much I can work. The agency was in Mayfair and I walked by lots of very expensive shops (Bentley, Rolls Royce, Louis Vuitton, Donna Karan, and lots more). I rushed to the tube station this morning, wearing my pin-stripe suit and hoping I looked and came across professionally. On the platform I stopped at a bench where two men were sitting. I put down my bag, fixed up my shirt under my jacket and sat down. The man I sat next to, promptly got up, looked at me and walked off down the platform to another seat. Not sure what his problem was. I hoped I didn’t smell!

On Sunday morning Janette called. It was sooooo great to talk to her and catch up on all her news and gossip. Got to hear about my friend Richard who really only does face-to-face communication so you’re never going to hear from him unless you’re in the same room! So Nettie let me know what he’s up to which was cool. She’s planning to stop working for 3 months and go off climbing and camping and having fun. So proud of her for doing that again. Life is too short to spend it working the whole time.

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