“When one is tired of London, one is tired of life”

Finally, after being in the UK for 11 months, and living in London for most of that, I feel happy to be living here.
The entrance to Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross station. Notice the luggage trolley is partway through the wall? Cool!

Yesterday I was talking to my friend Carol, who is visiting from Edinburgh, and I was saying how I am constantly doing cool things in London but had not been feeling happy and at home here until the last week, and she said she had the opposite feeling in Edinburgh – she felt happy to be living there but often felt a bit bored day-to-day. I’ve only moved twice in my life and the first move, at the age of 17, was quite hard and took me a long time to adjust, so I have been telling myself in the last year that it would take time to adjust here, on the other side of the world from most of my friends.

I did catch up with quite a few people on the weekend which was really nice. On Saturday I saw Meryan and her girlfriend Carmen. They have been living in France for three months and loving it. They are back in the UK to try to sort out visas and things. I also saw Carol briefly. On Sunday I had pancakes at Matt’s house. He is doing a Masters or PhD and he is about to start a job in the Cabinet office (yes, of the UK government!). Holy shit! His girlfriend Angela (who I also knew in Australia) is studying in Aberystwyth in Wales and she was visiting for the weekend. And Carol came over too. We had a really nice brunch and talked and laughed. I didn’t leave them until 5 in the afternoon. Carol and I were catching the tube at King’s Cross and took photos of each other at the sign for Platform 9 3/4. There were other people taking photos there too! As soon as I get the photo I will be putting in on here! Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries before I could get a picture of me. So I have to wait till Carol emails me the picture.

Carol in Soho Square (the sun was out, it was a beautiful day, and the square was packed!)
Carmen and Mez
Some (fellow) tourists at King’s Cross station. The kid in this picture didn’t look as keen as his parents! Unfortunately after I took this my batteries ran out so I don’t have one of me yet.

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