They've finished re-applying mud to the wall of our hut (or another boring house update)

Paul and I have been sleeping on the sofa bed in the lounge for a week now – and it’s not very comfortable. I’m so frustrated and mainly because the woman from our estate agent told us it would take two days (when actually if she knew anything about what had to be done it would have been obvious that it would take longer than that).

The ceiling in our bedroom was removed last Wednesday. Guys came back Thursday to put up boards of some kind and then plasterers came on Saturday to cover up the ceiling and to fix a wall in our hallway that had plaster bulging and falling off (wish I’d taken photos now). We couldn’t move back into our bedroom because the plaster had to dry and then the room has to be painted. Monday was a public holiday. Today, Tuesday there has been a painter here painting but I don’t think it will be finished until Friday. We’re going to demand a reduction in our rent for this month. It’s really annoying having to live in the loungeroom with all our stuff out here too.


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