Catch up with Dave and learning about North East Africa.

Last weekend I caught up with Dave who is in London for a month of training for his new job in Africa. He is based in the Ugandan capital Kampala and is campaigning on human rights in the horn of Africa (the North East bit that looks like a rhinoceros horn): Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Kenya. I think that’s all of them. He isn’t working on Sudan because I think someone else concentrates solely on that. Dave told us about what is going on in the different countries and some of the history and I got out an atlas and opened to Africa so he could point at a map as he told us stuff. It was very informative. It’s pretty impressive what he’s doing I think. A few years ago he went to Zimbabwe for a year to help out the opposition Movement for Democratic Change.

I wanted to include a map of Africa but instead I will just include a link to one at the National Geographic site.

Dave’s partner, (my good friend) Monica is still living in Australia but she will be moving to Uganda to be with Dave later this year. In September of next year (2008) they will have been together for ten years(!!!) and Dave said they’re having a big party to celebrate where friends and family can come and if they need a ceremony/event to ‘validate’ the relationship, then this party can be it (and Dave thinks that is the closest he’ll get to Mon marrying him!).


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