Flatmate needed, long weekend and new job.

We need a new flatmate because our housemate B is moving out. If you know anyone interesting who would like to live in West London with three people for £382 per month, get in contact! 🙂

Last night Paul and I had dinner with Thomas, who lives in Exeter, and his brother Daniel, who lives in London and Reading. It was nice to catch up as we hadn’t seen them in a long, long time.

My first week of my new job went off well. I am doing administrative support for architects who are working on the St Pancras international train station. I went onsite on Thursday and had a look around. It was pretty cool. They are using the old building and keeping heaps of the original brickwork and steel supports so I think it will look really nice. I found some articles about it from the BBC and Eurostar and the BBC have a heap of photos of it too.

This weekend was a long weekend and we’ve spent most of it inside because of rain! We did go into Covent Garden and Charing Cross Road on Saturday and bought some books. We also looked at laptops because we’re going to buy another one so we can have one each! Yesterday we watched the Hunt for Red October, and today I watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD.

I have to get going now because our flatmate Will’s brother Rich has brought around the cartoon movie of the Transformers and I might go watch it now.

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