Open art studios

This weekend some art studios in London are having open days. I’m quite excited about it. I still have to look through the website at all the different studios and decide which ones I simply have to visit. I’m sure it will provide plenty of inspiration but I’m also sure it will probably make me want to give up work and become an artist.

I’m currently watching Star Wars, episode 5, the Empire Strikes Back. Yesterday we watched Star Wars, episode 4, a New Hope. I’ve also watched the Notorious Bettie Page which was interesting.

I’m currently crocheting a little short-sleeved jacket from my Stitch and Bitch: the Happy Hooker book. I learnt to crochet from it but I’ve only made a scarf from it up to this point! Will post a photo as soon as it’s done.

Well I’m remembering how full time work sucks. I hate spending so many of my waking hours doing stuff I’m not into. I should have got a part time job! Maybe I’ll try to stick this out for a few months then look for a better (less time consuming) job. I only went to the gym once last week and I haven’t been at all this week. Maybe I should go before work – I don’t have to be there until 9.30!


One Response to Open art studios

  1. janettee says:

    i hear you, i swore to myself that i would never work 5 days a week again but stupidly i didn’t bring that up negotiating my last job with the outlook. i guess i thought that i wasn’t climbing or training so wouldn’t need as much time to myself…. WRONG!!! AND it was an hour away, so i often was really tired after a day of working and commuting.

    it takes ages to get into the swing of working too, i was exhausted for the first month! but geez you still get up to some pretty interesting things, full time or no. how’s paulie c?

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