A big weekend ahead?

There are so many cool things on this weekend that I want to check out. Where to start?

There’s the Dali and Film exhibition at the Tate Modern which should be really amazing. Sounds like there are heaps of paintings and other artwork by Salvador Dali plus films he made, some of which I have seen (Un Chien andalou) and some of which I haven’t (L’Age d’or, a dream sequence from the Hitchcock film Spellbound, a film with Disney which was started but only finished in the last few years). I’m quite excited about it.

There are some great-sounding films on at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) – well, there always are – but I never get to any of them. I need to change that. They are showing a heap of films by Werner Herzog, who I hadn’t heard of, but the films sound really interesting and I’m particularly interested in seeing The Wild Blue Yonder and the Bothersome Man.

My friend Thomas will be in town this weekend so I’m having dinner with him on Saturday night.

But there are a heap of debates on over the next few nights (at the Tate Modern), that have been organised by the Architecture Foundation, including some big-name architects on Saturday night. I might give these debates a miss because there is so much other stuff I want to do but I just read about another exhibition at the Tate Modern called Global Cities. I like cities! I like them a lot. I will have to check out this exhibition too.

There is also a degree show from Loughborough uni for the Textiles (BA Hons) course which I would love to see. It will just make me want to go back to art school though (much like the other weekend when I went and saw some artists’ studios). Might be inspirational.

So, hopefully I will get along to some of this!


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