Sewing trouble

Here is the pattern for the skirt I’ve started making. It’s the first sewing pattern I’ve ever bought. I was quite excited about learning to sew.
So I pinned my pattern to my fabric…
…and started to cut it out. I started to sew bits together, including sewing darts and it was all going well until….
…I tried to sew in the zip! The thread underneath keeps bunching up – which I think may be because of the tension of the thread? Anyway, I need to look into this and fix it. Any suggestions anyone?


One Response to Sewing trouble

  1. janettee says:

    yikes, i’ve never braved a zip, that seems way tricky. my circus partner rada, however, is a seamstress so zips r a breeze for her. she’s in the UK at the moment as it happens (have you ever met her? i’ve been friends with her for some time now). i’m sure she’d show you how next time she’s in london


    love janettee

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