The weekend before last, I trained up to Edinburgh to visit my good friend Lucy. She moved there to do her PhD and she has been finding it tough (not meeting too many like-minded people, crappy weather, so far from friends and family). I also got to catch up with my friend Jen who I hadn’t seen for about two years.

I passed some smokestacks on the train. Had to take a photo!
Lucy was waiting for me at the station and we walked up to her place, which is a lovely little one bedroom flat.

On Saturday morning we got our hair cut, and then did some site-seeing around Edinburgh.
Walking through a park in the middle of town.
The Scot’s monument on the left and the train station I arrived at and left from is down low on the right of the picture.
We caught a free bus out to the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art and had a look around. We wandered over the sculptural mound with ponds out the front!
Edinburgh Castle sits up on a hill, overlooking the city.
On Saturday night, Lucy and I went to a party, then out to see some bands.

On Sunday morning I had breakfast with my friend Jen and her kids Matilda and Otto.
I hadn’t seen 4-year-old Matilda since she was 2. And I had never met 1-yr-old Otto before. It was great to see them and catch up. Unfortunately her partner Mez was home sick so I didn’t get to see him. After breakfast we went to a really nice park where the kids played and had a great time. Matilda climbed on many things and loved the little flying fox!
If you lift up these pipes and then drop them, they make cool noises.
Matilda on the flying fox.

After the trip to the park, Lucy and I walked up the big hill looking over Edinburgh. Arthur’s Seat is one of them but we didn’t go up it. We went up one next to it but I can’t remember its name.
Walking up the hill! Behind me you can see people heading up to Arthur’s seat.
Not liking heights, Lucy didn’t dare get as close to the edge as I did.
Looking down over Edinburgh.
Lucy keeping well away from the edge. You can see the sea in the distance.
Looking down on the Queen’s official residence when she’s in Scotland (in the centre of the picture) and the new Scottish Parliament (on the left, across the road from the palace).
Having ice cream after our walk and thinking, “Wow, I was just up on top of that hill!”

Edinburgh is very pretty. I would really like to come back and explore Scotland properly.


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