New shoes and bag

Paul and I did some shopping a few weekends ago (just before we had lunch with my friend Adrian). See us posing with our new purchases!
I got some new birkenstocks from the Birkenstock shop in Neal Street, Covent Garden (which is where I bought my boots!).
Paul bought some new canvas shoes from Terra Plana in Neal Street, Covent Garden (which is where he bought his very-thin-soled shoes he loves and has worn to death).
I also got a very nice shoulder bag from the Tate Modern. I had been looking around for a new shoulder bag for a while and decided to go with this one. It wasn’t cheap, but Thomas told me that the designer‘s bags usually sell for much much more than this one cost! (probably at least twice as much)


2 Responses to New shoes and bag

  1. Rusty says:

    I like the black birks, I was wondering if you knew any websites that sell the exact ones. Since I have a job as a dental assistant and walk all day long, my feet are tired by the end of the day. Also, what was the store called? Thank you. Rusty

  2. zinegeek says:

    The Birkenstock website should sell them! Just search for Birkenstocks and you should be able to find websites that sell them.

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