London siteseeing, parcels, art, poetry and blooming love!

Last night I finally got a parcel from Amazon I’d been waiting for for weeks (I even had to email them to check what had happened to it!). It was VERY exciting.

One of the books is Drawing from Life: the Journal as Art by Jennifer New. Above is the front cover and some details from inside. It is a really beautiful book.
The other book is a book of poetry by Michelle Tea, called the Beautiful. I have read her book Valencia and Rent Girl which she wrote and Lauren McCubbin Illustrated. I am currently reading Without a Net: the Female Experience of Growing Up Working Class which Michelle Tea edited.

I have been rekindling my love of poetry from my childhood and adolescence and this book is great! I have enjoyed every poem I’ve read in it so far. I have recently bought The Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes (nearly all of the poems in it, he wrote for Sylvia Plath) and Break, Blow, Burn: Camille Paglia Reads Forty-three of the World’s Best Poems by Camille Paglia and I have on order from Amazon: The Nation’s Favourite Twentieth Century Poems and the Nations Favourite Poems of Journeys (these are both BBC books where members of the British public voted for the poems). Below is a picture of the lovely Michelle Tea. She performs her poetry a lot in the US. How I’d love to see her perform! I recently bought a really beautiful hardcover notebook from the British Library, to write poetry in. I’m so out of practice I have been finding it difficult (I never used to have trouble, twelve, fifteen years ago).

On Saturday, Paul and I went to Greenwich and looked around the observatory and took photos of each other on the Prime Meridian line. It was cool and very lovely.

On Sunday we went to Hampton Court Palace with our flatmate Edith – unfortunately our flatmate Will couldn’t come because he had to work Saturday and Sunday. Both days on the weekend were glorious Summer days. I will put up lots of photos from the weekend soon.

In other news, my flatmates, Will and Edith got together late last week/on the weekend (not sure exactly of the day). Edith told us on Sunday and we were not at all surprised. I had been predicting it for a little while. They are both very sweet and I’m quite excited for them.

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