Getting over illness and Le Tigre on Youtube

September 25, 2007

It was a bit of a bitch getting home from work tonight as King’s Cross Station closed due to crowding as soon as I got there. I then, along with many hundreds of others, walked up to Euston station and crowded down into it. It was quickly becoming crowded and by the time I got down to the platform and a train arrived they were announcing that the station was being evacuated due to overcrowding – but I jumped on the train and off I went home, a slightly different route to normal, but it was ok.

I have just linked to a heap of Le Tigre filmclips over at my spinster website. I watched a heap of videos on youtube over the weekend when I was sick – I didn’t really have the energy to do much else. I missed all my social events on the weekend which was sad. I hate missing fun things when you’re sick. And I had Monday off work too. But I got a lot of sympathy from people at work today – I think people generally know that tonsilitis is no fun!

General whinge about being sick

September 21, 2007

I’m supposed to have a big weekend of socialising planned but it’s Friday and I’m home from work sick and feeling a bit disappointed because I know I will have to miss a bit of stuff this weekend.
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blog about being blogged about

September 16, 2007

Paul was just looking through my site statistics and mid August saw quite a rise in the number of people visiting zinegeek. The mystery was solved when we discovered a link to my cross stitch (White) Fem Uh Nist on Feministing! Oh my god, how very cool.
(white) fem uh nist

Friends in town

September 16, 2007

My friends Monica and Dave, who now live in Uganda, are currently in London for a few weeks. Paul and I caught up with them today and we did lots of walking around in central London, starting in Chinatown for lunch, through Trafalger Square, up the Mall, past Buckingham Palace, down to Westminster, along the Thames for a while and then across to the Tate Modern, then past Shakespeare’s Globe up to the Tower Bridge and back across the river again. It was lovely weather for wandering oustide and the walking was accompanied by lots of chatting and catching up.
Carmen, Mon and Dave in Trafalger Square
Me with Mon and Dave in Trafalger Square.

Holiday in Venice

September 16, 2007

It’s been nearly a week since we got back from Venice so I thought I should probably report on it (and I’ve finally got heaps of the photos up on Flickr with a new Venice set which so far doesn’t contain the photos from when I was in Venice in January. Those photos are in the Italy set though.). The weather was really beautiful – not too hot and not too cold – and always sunny.

We flew over Thursday night, were picked up by our flatmate, Edith’s father and stayed the night at their house on the mainland. On Friday we caught the train to Venice and stayed there till Monday afternoon when we set off for the airport for our flight back.

We saw heaps of contemporary art at the Venice Biennale, wandered around the Lido and saw where the Venice film festival is but we got there late on the second last night and didn’t really have time to see anything. While in Venice, Paul and I ate lots of pizza and ice cream and got very sore feet from lots of walking.

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What the…?

September 14, 2007

My stomach just growled and it sounded like someone saying “miaow”. It was very weird. And Paul heard it too and he asked if I’d eaten a cat and kept making Alf jokes (Hey Willie, where’s the cat?).

I'm a winner (well, runner-up)

September 13, 2007

My adjusted Fawcett Society t-shirt was a runner-up in their Make It Your Own competition and I have won an Emmeline4re scarf!
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