Holiday in Venice

It’s been nearly a week since we got back from Venice so I thought I should probably report on it (and I’ve finally got heaps of the photos up on Flickr with a new Venice set which so far doesn’t contain the photos from when I was in Venice in January. Those photos are in the Italy set though.). The weather was really beautiful – not too hot and not too cold – and always sunny.

We flew over Thursday night, were picked up by our flatmate, Edith’s father and stayed the night at their house on the mainland. On Friday we caught the train to Venice and stayed there till Monday afternoon when we set off for the airport for our flight back.

We saw heaps of contemporary art at the Venice Biennale, wandered around the Lido and saw where the Venice film festival is but we got there late on the second last night and didn’t really have time to see anything. While in Venice, Paul and I ate lots of pizza and ice cream and got very sore feet from lots of walking.


Rialto Bridge
The Rialto Bridge

Yummy Pizza
Paul eating pizza.
Afternoon Spritz
Having an afternoon spritz.
Danger Pickpocketing
Watch out for those masked pickpockets!

Where will we go today?
Consulting the guide of the Venice Biennale.
Think with the senses, Feel with the mind, Venice Biennale, 2007
Posing in front of the entrance to one of the sites of the Venice Biennale. (Pensa con i sensi, senti con la mente means Think with the senses, feel with the mind.)
Biennale map
These maps were all over Venice so you could find the many many pavilions that had contemporary art from all over the world. We went to heaps of them!
Poor tired Paul
Tired little Paul after lots of walking!
Paul at the Venice Film Festival

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